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Building a Healthy Community

The Center for Support and Wellness, chartered by the Town of Newtown, leads the development and realization of a shared vision of a healthy community. Through advocacy, referrals, program development, and outreach, we will ensure that Newtown’s individuals and families have access to a comprehensive system of behavioral health and wellness support.

Currently, the CSW is moving through a strategic plan which includes creating a shared definition of Healthy Community through a behavioral health lens. Watch our community calendar for posted dates and our blog for further information as this evolves in 2018.

In order to better understand what we mean by a healthy community, we are looking at the UNLV research on healthy communities:
UNLV Research PDF

NYU study

Other Helpful Resources:
World Health Organizations

Defining a Healthy Community Meeting: March 27, 2018

In an effort to collaborate across the community all "Defining a Healthy Community Meetings" are open to the public. There is research and literature to help to guide the definition, however it is essential that community members and community organizations are utilizing common language, together authoring the definition, and are all ambassadors in the spirit of a healthy community from a behavioral healthy lens. All meeting information will be posted here.

Meeting Outline:

Download bhc 3.27.18_Meeting outline

Meeting Minutes:

Download 03-27-18 working meeting minutes

Brainstorming Notes: