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About Us

Making a difference in our community


Initial Support and Funding

In 2013 the Town of Newtown established a team of professionals, funded by a Department of Justice grant awarded to the Town, to work in partnership with local recovery providers and community organizations and town employees in response to those who are impacted by the Sandy Hook Tragedy on December 14. 2012. The grant, with a three month extension came to an end March 31, 2016. With the grant having concluded, the Town of Newtown had a vision to begin to look at the health and wellness of the community on a larger scale. This was the birth of the Newtown Center for Support and Wellness.

Expansion to the Community

The Town recognized the need for continued support of the community related to aftermath of December 14, 2012 in addition to supporting all other unrelated behavioral health and wellness needs. With this in mind, a new center was formed called the Newtown Center for Support and Wellness. The goal of the Center for Support and Wellness is to be the one point of entry for behavioral health and wellness resources. Our doors are open to anyone for any reason.

In March of 2016 a Director and Care Navigator were appointed as the first staff members and worked with community members to create the mission for the Center for Support and Wellness. In August and September of 2016 the Victim's families navigator and Survivor's care navigator were appointment to ensure dedicated staff to those impacted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Both of those positions are funded through a grant by the Victims of Crime ACT (VOCA). The center now can be purposeful to include the needs of those most impacted by 12/14 as well as the larger community; related to or unrelated to the tragedy. Both the Director and Community Care Navigator work closely with social services, Newtown Police, Newtown Public schools to help support individuals and families in the community.

Although the CSW was created for the entire community, we know that the existence of the Center came to be because of the tragic event that took 26 lives. We continue to keep the victims of 12/14 and their families in our thoughts and prayers. We will always be available for them should they need anything and hope that our efforts today will create sustainable resources for the families in the future. Please take time to click on the heart to remember and honor the victims.



The Center for Support and Wellness thanks the below funding sources. These sources have been instrumental in the creation of the center and without their help we could not support the wide spectrum of the community we serve. Please take a moment to visit their websites.

Praxair Industrial Gases Company

Praxair Industrial Gases Company

Town of Newtown Newtown, CT

Town of Newtown Newtown, CT

State of CT Judicial Branch Office of Victim Services

State of CT Judicial Branch Office of Victim Services

Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation

Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation


Dr. Lorrie Rodrigue
Newtown Public Schools Superintendent

Dan Rosenthal
First Selectman

Dr. Charles Herrick
Medical Field Representative

Rev. Matthew Crebbin
Interfaith Representative

Brian Mauriello
Representative from the community at large

Dave Jacob
LCSW, Mental Health Representative

Jennifer Barahona
Representative of Newtown/Sandy Hook Charities

Jennifer Crane
Director of the Center for Support and Wellness




Newtown Center for Support and Wellness has embraced the lotus flower to represent us because of it’s significance. We feel that the lotus flower is a great symbol for the resilience of our community and the importance of achieving mental wellness even in the darkest of times.

The lotus flower grows from the bottom of streams and muddy ponds to rise above the water and bloom. At night it closes and sinks beneath the surface. Facing adversity in it's environment, the lotus flower continues to rise everyday and find a way to bloom. Individuals can take inspiration from the lotus flower by assessing negative influences in our environment and looking for was to rise every day and continue to grow.